• All-in-one swf component. Chart types are configured through XML that goes within chart. And it's still tiny ~29kb!
  • Multiple chart types support. Now you can view several graphs per chart. It's now easy to compare different data sets using each own visual style.
  • Zooming. Zoom any chart scene by selecting rectangular area by the mouse controller.
  • Component custom dimensions.
  • Scrolling support. If there is too much data - use scrolling slider to help navigating through a long data set.
  • Clickable charts. Now user can click on your column/bar chart items as well as data points in line charts. You can customize any HTML page action for the particular user click.
  • External javascript interface. Reload data and style of your component dynamically by calling special flash component method.
  • Support of missing data. If your dataset misses some particular value - it's automatically restored as correctly visualized.
  • Online wizard. New advanced online wizard helps you quickly customize your component on-the-fly!
  • Complete visual tuning. Tune everything you can via XML configuration file. Colors, sizes, positions, behaviour, etc. FlyCharts is extremely flexible.

Why FlyCharts?

Using FlyCharts you get the following features:

  • FlyCharts runs without using an Active-X Component:
    Using FlyCharts you don't need to install Active-X or external components, so FlyCharts works even on those servers which do not allow instalation of new components. Using FlyCharts is really simple - just upload swf files to your server and configure it using XML.
  • Reduces Load on the Server:
    FlyCharts reduces the load on the server because SWF components runs on a client-side. You just need Macromedia Flash plug-in on client side. Size of SWF files is really small and not require long time to load. It runs perfect on a low-speed connections.
  • Compatible with many scripting languages:
    FlyCharts is compatible with any scripting languages. As the processing is done on the client-side, it does not matter which scripting language is passing the data to the component.
  • FlyCharts are interactive and have a lot of features which can be changed:
    FlyCharts offers you plenty of customization options like setting transparency, color themes, hotspots, hover captions etc. All changes can be done using XML data file.

You can try FlyCharts by downloading trial version here.

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