Q: Can I use FlyCharts inside my Flash application/project?

A: You can built in the component, reload it or use methods to reload XML data. Please contact us if the demo is needed.

Q: When buying any version, do I get .FLA source code files?

A: You get all source codes of the component when buying developer version only.

Q: How deep and how customizable and personalized can I get the final SWF files?

A: The SWF file of the component is always the same. But final charts can be customized/tuned within XML file it reads as configuration.

Q: Can I mix two kind of graphics? Like for example Years Vs Gender in one chart?

A: Yes. Any number of graphics of any type.

Q: Can I generate a big HTML web site with a big report that can contain many nice SWF charts?

A: Yes. As a single page with multiple flash chart components on one scene.

Q: I want to incorporate FlyCharts into the project which our company sells to customers. Can we do this and what restrictions do you apply?

A: To incorporate FlyCharts in your own product which is been further bought by other companies you must purchase developer license. No any further restrictions.

You can try FlyCharts by downloading trial version here.

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